Akashic Recording Studio

 Akashic Recording Studio was designed and built by Rich Zweibel and his team (formerly Joiner Rose Design Group of which multi-year TEC Technical Achievement Award winner Russ Berger was a part). The computer aided design control room features a large reflection-free-zone and a full frequency range quadratic residue theorem rear diffuser array. The studio's clean power system provides 60 volt-to-ground balanced AC via a custom isolation transformer. The entire facility is built to exacting standards and is reflected in its being both sonically accurate and very musical to work in. From source to master, every detail of the facility and audio chain has been addressed and optimized, including acoustic spaces, cable, microphones, microphone pre-amplifiers, outboard gear, tape machines, console, converters, atomic digital master clock and mastering system. We have served clients such as Eminem, String Cheese Incedent, Big Head Todd and the Monsters, Jet, Jim Collins, Sony Pictures Television, Electra Records and Interscope Recods.

Pro Tools

HD Accel




64 inputs

64 outputs


clean power

isolation transformer

60 volt to ground


atomic clock




 2 inch

24 track

analog tape

Sony/MCI              JH-24



. . . is a state of the art facility providing world class recording, mixing and mastering for our planet's family of artists, engineers and producers.

. . . is nestled in an idyllic mountain forest with magnificent views above Boulder, Colorado. Featuring musically sonorous and sonically pleasing spaces, microphones and electronic designs and analog tape, as well as an atomic clock and exquisite converters for "digital that works".